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We at skytribe not only create affordable paramotors but we take exceptional pride in what we do, be it our cars or our motor bikes. Each one of our customized machines are created to turn heads where ever they go and we also have a reputation of ‘telling it how it is’. We don’t sell you a concept or a product because it’s in our ‘own interest to do so’. We are not agents for any brand or design so unlike many schools we find the best application for each and every client.

You DO NOT have to spend thousands on equipment to fly. YOU CAN build your own PPG safely from go cart engines and motor bike engines and we can show you clients that have successfully done this. AND YES they do fly at elevated areas and you DO NOT need a min of 25HP to fly at Johannesburg!

Download the brochure . It’s not very large and it will provide you heaps of information that you probably will not be told anywhere else.


Usually a standard paragliding canopy may be used and simply clipped into our design. A forward or reverse take-off may be used depending on the weather conditions. Apart from the engine, set up paramotors are available with various exhaust systems, four and two piece cages, single and double outer rings and various tank sizes.

Unlike conventional paragliding high performance wings are no longer needed, and lower aspect ratio wings may readily be used. As the pilot is not relying on the glider now to carry him to the next thermal, he simply applies power and flies along, older safer canopies may be utilised

Conventional high performance paragliders may be used, however as with all competition wings, take care.

Railway pub crawl with a difference.

Briggs at an airshow in Brisbane AustraliaBriggs over the Vic Falls


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Electric start options are available and may be available as an add-on extra on some models.

Welcome to the worlds smallest and most portable aircraft. Our designs now fit into the boot of a car and may be assembled in minutes.


An Insight into Powered Paragliding

This is probably the world’s largest book of it’s kind, available in printed form and on disk. A must for current and prospective pilots

Madness Cover

It's not just about Madness

A true live account of Dave Briggs adventures which take the reader from extreme kayaking to flying and many other activities. They are told in a humorous manner with each story illustrated by a professional cartoonist.

...Life is all about choices.

...a simplified enlightenment into this ingenious, yet lethal, viral disease.

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Some tips on building your own home made winch.

 This cd contains video footage of not only conventional winching but also that used to winch sail planes up into the air. There are helpful photos and footage showing how one can easily manufacture a system that either fits onto your car for conventional winching or from a V8 engine on its own set of wheels for heavier undertakings. This compilation shows winching from ground level up until cut away over the northern desolate region of South Africa


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