Cape Town






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Lions Head Above Table Mountain Wingover


Noordhoek Sunset Over the Mother city


City of Cape Town Over the Waterfront Waterfront Hout Bay


Signal HillHex RiverNoordhoek


Photos courtesy Craig Marshall


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Make your own Syphon Shaker.

D.I.Y. Plans to manufacture your own Syphon Shaker.
A new revolution in petrol / liquid syphoning
No more spillage or funnels
no more mouths full of petrol,
no more spontaneous combustion.




Assemble your own Full Face Helmet.


Customized helmets for BMX, motor bikes, paragliding and hang gliding among many more uses. A step by step guide on how to assemble your own helmet designed for you. All templates available as printouts. We include a complete full colour guide to making your own syphon shaker with each purchase.



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