This above all should be at the top of any ones list of priorities. Powered paragliding does not necessitate the use of high performance wings, as staying in the air now is not directly related to minimizing drag, flying fast between thermals andconstantly searching for lift. It is these factors that facilitate the use of low performance wings in powered paragliding. Many a powered paraglider is and may be, safely flown with high performance wings. It simply depends on what is available, cost and the requirements from the respective pilot and skill level.

Many countries have implemented rules governing the use of specific type of wings. This in it`s self is not a bad thing as long as the motive behind the legislation is safety and not a means of monopolising certain markets. Certain countries have even ruled that only wings that have been tested in that specific country may be flown. I live in a country where our local market has revolved around gliders that have been copied of existing models. We use the same material and in most instances a higher quality fabric which is exported to other leading manufacturers. What this means is that we can produce an identical wing at a fraction of the cost that other countries can, yet because not all of them are “rated” ie passed through a recognised testing facility, they are prevented from flying in certain countries. There are however certain potential problems that revolve around unethical rogue manufacturers placing unsafe wings on the market. contact us :
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