In any form of promotions there are a few simple objectives to be achieved in order for a logo or message to achieve an impact.

1. Visibility.
Apart from the subliminal aspects of advertising, the more bold and visible a logo is the higher impact it will usually have.

2. Location.
Taking branding directly to your specific target market, eliminates the drawbacks of static advertising. There are no long expensive set up times and no cost involved in flying the banner to the advertising site. (From unpacking the car to take off- approx 5 min)

3. Impact.
If people leave after viewing your message and the image consistently lingers in their mind or is immediately conjured up when a similar stimulus is viewed or thought about, you have created a long lasting impact. An impact may be the result of something unusual, attractive or wildly stimulating. With powered paragliding as an advertising tool, all of the above objectives are met over and over again.

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