Select a place where there are no obstacles and there is uninhibited wind blowing towards you. If there are obstacles, trees etc the wind will roll over this and make control very difficult. Remember this at all times when flying. This turbulence created by air rolling over an obstacle and you flying into this will result in a collapse. If there is no wind there will be no rotor. If there is wind make sure you gain height before flying over the obstacle, which ensures that one is above the turbulence .

Lay the glider out with the top skin against the grass and the undersurface (the one that the lines attach to will be looking up at you. The cell openings must be farthest away from you and the trailing or back edge will be closest to you. As the front riser(A) is pulled the leading (FRONT) edge will inflate and come up over your head. Each set of lines end on a riser (a piece of webbing).There is a piece of webbing for the front lines (the ones that go to the front of the glider, i.e. where the cell opening is) and a webbing that goes slightly back (B lines and riser) and another one for the C and D lines and riser. All these risers meet into one where the carabineer clips in. It is important to ensure that the A riser and lines are separate and not entangled with the B and the B from the C and so forth. Simply lift them up and shake them lose from the one behind etc . A correct lay out involves laying the glider out in a horse shoe shape. This ensures that the center lines are tighter than the others, which in turn ensures that as the A riser(front) is pulled the center will inflate first and thereafter outwards.

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