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We have managed to put a picture orientation compilation together showing the components of paragliding winches in picture form with written explanations of a home built winch along with a bought one and how that effectively works.

We have four videos also on the same disk.
The first is of winching in paragliding and shows line breaks, take offs, landings etc while the second is of a big heavy duty winch using a V8 engine that is commonly used to tow gliders.

We also have on the same disk 2 other videos about Dave Briggs but without sound and low res but fine for viewing on a pc. The one is of his attempt to fly around South Africa on his microlight and the other is of the skytribe promo video.
We haven’t converted the individual components of our winching guide into engineering drawings but the photos of the components are quite self explanatory with written titling on the document and also on the winching videos.

Pricing is 40 US$ for the disk with the 4 videos and the pdf document. Postage outside South Africa is around 10US$.

We are also also happy to supply you a free copy of one of Dave Briggs’s published books about different adventures ranging from flying, diving, fishing and kayaking and other endeavours and extreme sports he has participated in around the world (cover attached). This does however push the overall postage up to around 30 US$ outside South Africa as its fairly heavy book

Kind regards
Dave Briggs



Contact Dave for more info

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