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The sensing coil generates an A.C pulse which is rectified to a + pulse at diode 1. The pulse passes through to diode 3 where the sudden cascade + voltage after zener D3 slams the transistor Tt1 on. The changed condensor capacitC1 is short circuited to earth by the switching on of Tr1. The charged field in the spark coil collapses the 180 volt E.H.T from the invertor and a super E.H.T spark results from
the coil. D2 is an overload protector to protect the emmitter base junction of the transistor. Any voltage above the 12V is shorted to earth via the load R1.

Beware the circuit generates a dangerous E.H.T of +- 97 KV. It was designed to fire an ignition circuit at a slow flick of the engine flywheel.

Designed by Keith Lehmann

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